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“I started yoga just to occupy myself, and it is slowly morphing into a lifestyle. Laura is a wonderful teacher, patient, encouraging and enthusiastic. I am ever so grateful for all she brings to each class, helping her students grow.” — Alexandra Mikheeva, Fetcham Park

“I am a complete convert to Yoga! Being a complete beginner and after initial frustrations (due to my own ignorance of what Yoga is), thanks to Laura, I now understand it’s actually not about being able to do the perfect headstand - although I have now since achieved the aforementioned headstand!! I learn more each week both about the practice and myself! Laura is a great teacher, very patient and understanding. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone.” — Sharon Bowcott, Pfizer

“I was previously someone who had no interest in yoga; Laura convinced me to do a class and completely changed my outlook. She is a fantastic teacher and makes a complete beginner like myself feel extraordinarily comfortable!! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!” — Daniel Bailey, MPA Commercial

“I had always dismissed Yoga as didn’t think it was enough of a workout; how wrong I was. Laura is a vibrant, energetic and knowledgeable Yoga instructor. All instructions are clear and we are constantly and gently encouraged to challenge ourselves week on week. Laura’s yoga classes are now an integral part of my training regimen and I am seeing strength, balance and flexibility progress week on week. Thank you Laura :)” — Paula Richards, Fit3Sixty

“A Soul Sanctuary session is the best way to kickstart my working week. Whether I am looking to feel energised or relaxed I can always count on Laura to help. As a complete newbie to yoga, I couldn’t ask for a better instructor and as someone who runs regularly, I am also rewarded with the fringe benefits of improved flexibility and strength. Huge thanks Laura!” — Dorinda Cooper, Fetcham Park

“I had tried yoga a few times and hated it being a jump around in class and in life at 100 miles an hour kind of lady. Then in December I injured my back and as a result ended up in Laura’s yoga class. From the moment I stepped into my first practice I have truly loved it with a passion. It has not only helped me in fitness, strength and flexibility but it has taught me how to relax and take time for myself. I was the person that would leave a holistic class before the meditation bit at the end,now I relish in that time when I can truly be at one with myself and my body! Laura has inspired me and changed me and her classes are truly precious to my weekly exercise routine. The Vinyasa flow yoga is challenging but I have learnt that I don’t have to try and be the best I can be me and take things at my own pace. She has also brought meditation into my hectic life which is helping me to find a balance not just in practice but in my life out of the gym. I actually feel truly blessed to have found this amazing teacher and her practices. I would recommend anybody to give it a try, if I can be converted anyone can! I still have balance issues on my feet but I can balance on my head with ease lol! Thank you Laura for everything you are amazing!!” — Jo Luke, Synergy81

“Over the years I’ve tried several different yoga classes but never found myself sticking to them. I had decided that maybe yoga wasn’t for me, that was until I tried out one of Laura’s classes.... Laura makes yoga enjoyable but mindful, challenging but ensures it’s adaptable for everyone. Resuming a weekly yoga session had helped with my anxiety which I had been suffering with for several months, I’ve learnt lots of new stretches which has increased my joint mobility allowing me to progress in my weight lifting. Cannot recommend Laura’s classes enough!! Every week I look forward to my brain break and time for me!” — Gem Jones, Fit3Sixty

“Laura has initiated a transformation during my private lessons with her. Her intuitive skills are grounded in clear instruction, positive encouragement, astute observation and adjustments that are helping to heal and realign my body and mind bringing balance and an appreciation of life. She is both an inspiration and a joy to practice with.” — Mirella Zampi-Lawrence, Nuffield

“I was a complete yoga novice when I joined Laura’s class in October 2015. Six months on, I feel I have developed and am now stronger and can participate more fully in the class. I really enjoy the yoga and the relaxation at the end of the session and it sets me up for the rest of the week. If I miss a class I really notice it. Thank you Laura for being such a fab teacher.” — Ann Gallizzi, Fetcham Park

“One of my favourite classes yet. Having tried many styles before, the flow classes are my favourite. Especially with the carry over into sport. Laura is an excellent teacher and I can’t wait for our next class.” — Dyl Salamon, Strong I am

“Soul Sanctuary has introduced me to a different side of yoga than I had ever experienced before, the yoga I had done previously was more for relaxing. Laura has incorporated the class to be the perfect mix of a work out and also leaving you feeling like you have had time to focus on yourself. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.” — Claire McClelland, Fit3Sixty

“Soul Sanctuary runs truly fantastic sessions, inclusive and motivational. Turned me very quickly into a keen Yoga follower :-) Cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Helen Owen, Fit3Sixty

“I started Soul Sanctuary classes about six months ago not really knowing what all the fuss was about with yoga. Since then, it quickly became one of the highlights of my week! Laura is a fantastic teacher – she is enthusiastic, motivational, and also really funny and down to earth. Every week I leave her classes feeling happy, relaxed, and like I’ve truly achieved something. Cannot recommend Laura and Soul Sanctuary enough!!” — Sarah Maziliauskas, Pfizer

“I am a complete yoga convert since attending Laura’s classes in Worcester. I was a total novice who has coordination problems and a poor centre of balance but Soul Sanctuary has increased my flexibility, my stamina and awareness of my body. It helps that the class moves along at a fluid pace which keeps me interested and concentrating. Laura is very friendly and welcoming and allows each individual to shape the class to work best for themselves; cannot recommend her teaching or this class enough!” — Katie Elliot, Fit3Sixty

“I really appreciated the Yoga classes with Laura. I felt very relaxed and I learned very fast all those challenging poses. It was the first time but I will do it every week by now!” — Jennifer Bardy, Hanson Search

“I have tried a lot of different yoga classes over the years, but I have not felt comfortable with what the yoga teachers were teaching me. I have only been to around 8 sessions with Laura now and I have noticed a massive difference not only in yoga but in my training too. She is so down to earth, and understands each persons restrictions, which is very comforting to know. I could not recommend her enough to anyone!” — Araminta White, Fit3Sixty

“I had my first yoga class with Soul Sanctuary and have been going back ever since! I’m an easily stressed person so is great for me to actually let myself relax. Laura is so welcoming, she’s an amazing teacher!!” — Rochelle Bigwood, Hair By Roxy

“I started Soul Sanctuary with Laura 6 weeks ago and have been attending her Saturday morning sessions most weekends. I find her teaching style really supportive and has given me confidence to try positions and movements I never expected to be able to, especially not within 6 weeks. I wasn’t expecting to take away anything more than an enjoyable class on a Saturday morning, however have found myself drawing from Yoga throughout my daily life in work and at home to my benefit. I have tried and failed numerous beginners yoga class due to overcrowding and poor teaching style - so cannot recommend Laura and her practice enough for body and mind.” — Poppy King, Fit3Sixty

“I experienced my first class in yoga last week and being a runner and sport enthusiast it was always going to help in my future development. Soul Sanctuary is class I will always be part of in the near future because Laura’s knowledge is helping me succeed...I’m feeling more supple and Upto the challenge.” — Samuel Luca Davidson, Goodlife Barbershop

“As a 150kg Strongman I decided I needed to do more to add stability, mobility and movement to my training to stay injury free. I contemplated Yoga for a longtime but was concerned I was “too big” to do it and still held the usual stereotypes in my head around its practice. Then I met Laura. Laura is a brilliant teacher and coach who can work with anyone regardless of their sport, size or ability and not only helps you to perform the movements and their progressions but also teaches you about the practice of Yoga and its origins. After a few weeks I’m already feeling more mobile, stronger in certain ranges of movement and also less stressed! I would highly recommend Soul Sanctuary regardless of your starting point.” — John Clark, Fit3Sixty

“Having never been to a yoga class before Laura’s class was relaxed fun and I loved every minute! I left feeling like I had a great workout and stretched into positions I didn’t think possible but with a relaxing clear mind!” — Alex Dyson, Umberto Giannini

“I cannot recommend Soul Sanctuary highly enough, Laura is a really wonderful instructor who shows such patience and really makes sure you are comfortable and confident with the movements whatever your level of ability/experience.” — Jenny Carter, Fit3Sixty

“Laura has been into our office twice now to teach us yoga. I was a bit skeptical about the benefits of Yoga before the class but thanks to Laura I left feeling completely relaxed, at ease and satisfied and I certainly felt the benefits in my body (and mind!) the next day! I am very much looking forward to our next class :)” — Ellie Hoy, Hanson Search

“Laura is a warm, encouraging and intuitive teacher. She adapted exercises to allow for different abilities and an injury and makes classes fun, challenging and relaxing. I left feeling both energised and relaxed at the same time!” — Nadia Singh, AMV BBDO

“Laura took myself and 5 other novices through our first session and it was great. She is a brilliant teacher who took the time to explain the purpose of the session and the various positions we went through. Great way to end a busy day in the office and I’m grateful for her patience. I look forward to welcoming her back!” — Jonjo Murphy, The SJB Group

“Before Laura’s class I was a definite beginner, having gone to only a handful of classes ever - none of which I truly enjoyed or felt did much for me. I was however eager to try another class and i’m so glad I did - Laura’s hands on and personal approach to teaching makes for the perfect yoga class - challenging and fun. She manages to deliver a class which is both hugely welcoming but also very professional, making sure to explain the ways in which yoga benefits your health and wellbeing (which I can now confirm after doing her classes!) She makes sure to explain precisely what move is doing what for your body as you are doing it, which I love because it means you can truly appreciate and feel the benefits. I leave feeling so much more relaxed, but also like I’ve just completed an intense, full-body workout. One of the reasons I didn’t stick with other teachers in the past was that I came away feeling slightly calmer but in no way tired or with that satisfying post-workout feeling. All in all I would recommend Laura one hundred percent to absolutely everyone - no matter how “bad” you may think you are at yoga (can’t be much worse than me!) - she makes it one of the most fun hours of your week!” — Charlie Rice-Mellor, Fit3Sixty

“I have never felt more relaxed, composed and focused on myself then when I am doing a Soul Sanctuary class. Laura is a fantastic teacher with such a calm and soft aura. I live a rather hectic life and Laura makes me feel safe and in control of myself. I am very new to yoga, but as beginner I already feel a huge difference in myself, physically and mentally. Every lesson I learn so much about yoga and how to apply it to myself. Thank you Soul Sanctuary, you have changed the way I think , move and breath! I can’t wait for my next class!!!” — Mariella Bailey, Rae Feather

“Soul Sanctuary completely opened the door to yoga as a form of exercise and a way to regroup and focus myself on a professional capacity. Laura is a brilliant teacher, her attitude and enthusiasm is contagious. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” — Jack Clarke, Jack Clarke Racing

“Laura is a natural teacher, her compassion and kind nature creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. My yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being, and Laura’s passion and energy motivates me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule.” — Olivia Emmerson, AMV BBDO

“Soul Sanctuary is awesome. Laura’s enthusiasm and charisma bring great energy and fun to the class, which encourages everyone to achieve a standard way beyond their expectations. Laura works the class hard, and her patient and supportive approach, along with suggestions for progressions for each position, means that the class is suitable for all ranges of experience. The class atmosphere is very friendly and new members are made very welcome.” — Liam Kilday, Fit3Sixty

“I was hard to convince about the benefits of Yoga, being a beginner and not totally convinced, but it has changed my life and I now , thanks to the classes at Soul Sanctuary cannot believe the life style benefits I am now enjoying. Thank you Laura for showing me a different way of life.” — Stephanie Burton, CHIC Solutions

“I have always dabbled in yoga practice but thanks to Soul Sanctuary, it has become part of my weekly routine and lifestyle. Laura is an amazing teacher. She knows how to tailor a class perfectly to my needs and always makes me feel well stretched, reconnected and rebalanced. She has taught me the deeper meaning behind yoga and I’m constantly learning how much more there is to be gained from this amazing practice. Thank you Soul Sanctuary!” — Cecilia Kristiansen, Nurture with Nature