Teacher Training

Our 200 hour Teacher Training course is Yoga Alliance Global approved, so with our qualification you will be recognised as a registered yoga teacher anywhere in the world. We have ensured that the content we deliver surpasses every criteria required not only to create powerful yoga teachers, but more importantly empowered individuals. As a Yoga Alliance Global registered yoga school, there are a set amount of hours which have to meet Yoga Alliance Global standards to ensure the core training topics are covered effectively, each individual yoga studio can then allocate additional hours to areas of training which are most aligned with their studio values.

At Soul Sanctuary, our USP is bringing psychology into yoga, it's what makes our classes stand out and is what builds connection and community at our studio. In order to achieve this consistency, all of our Vinyasa teachers go through the Soul Sanctuary Teacher Training program, which has a heavy focus on Psychology, Coaching and Self-Enquiry.

Our program is perfect for those who have a passion for yoga, psychology, self-development and personal growth. Although we are a registered yoga school, we use yoga to learn about ourselves, and to teach others how to do the same. So really, this course is about self-discovery, as the practice of yoga helps us understand ourselves better, we begin to see the thought patterns that serve us and those that hold us back! Through this realisation, you are able to step out of your own way to achieve whatever it is that you want from this world, whether that's teaching yoga or not. If you decided to teach, you will be an extraordinarily powerful teacher, but this course will also re-energise you and give you the support and focus you need to excel in all other areas of your life. Our course leader Laura Butcher, is a training psychotherapist, and has qualified psychotherapists at hand in the studio to support and safe guard this style of yoga training.

We believe that the power of our classes does not come from the physical ability of the teacher, but how they are able to share and connect with their students. It’s not about how good we look in a yoga pose, it’s all about good we can FEEL! So, you do not need to be able to do ‘advanced’ yoga poses to be a powerful yoga teacher, you just have to have a good understanding of yourself, be PASSIONATE about sharing the benefits of yoga with others and committed to continual personal growth. If you become a Soul Sanctuary Yoga Teacher after your course, regular Soul Sanctuary team reflective sessions are a part of your teaching requirements, to ensure you are always feeling supported as an individual and empowered as a teacher.

Soul Sanctuary 200 Hour Teacher Training course covers the essential requirements that every Yoga Alliance Global registered course must met, but we also focus on psychology and self-enquiry. As a yoga teacher, your classes will only be as powerful as you are happy, so through our training program you will learn how to step out of your own way to create the life you desire, and so you will inspire others to do the same! In that way, some students who come to our teacher training program come purely to deepen their knowledge of yoga and self, with no intention of becoming a yoga teacher, others are unsure about teaching and then become powerful teachers! There is no ‘perfect path’ but through our training you will find out the perfect path for YOU!

Course Content

To immerse yourself fully into the training, we run intensive training programs, so you will cover your 200 hours in 2 weeks, with 7 weekends (alternate Saturday & Sundays) in between, 8am - 6pm. When considering your availability, please do bare in mind that you will be expected to 'practice teach' a couple of times / week outside of contact hours, and maintain your own personal yoga practice.

2019 Course Dates:

Intensive Week 1

Sat 7th September - 14th September


Sat 21st September

Sun 29th September

Sat 5th October

Sun 13th October

Sat 19th October

Sun 27th October

Sat 2nd November

Intensive Week 2

Saturday 9th - 16th November

We hold Introduction to Teacher Training meetings to ensure participants have the opportunity to understand the full detail of the course and ask any questions they may have, and of course meet their potential fellow course mates! We then ask for deposit to be made on application to show commitment to the course. If your application is not successful you receive deposit back in full. Book into the next Introduction to Teacher Training meeting here (Saturday 26th January 16.30 - 18.00)

With high interest and limited spaces, we ask for an application and accept eligible students on a first come first serve basis, so get your application in as soon as you can. Link to application & deposit details HERE.

Please email teachertraining@soulsanctuarystudios.com to add yourself to the Teacher Training mailing list in order to receive all news & updates to the course.

Check out our gallery from the training last year, and come along to meet the team at the studio, out graduates and teachers love chatting about their teacher training experience so be sure to ask them any questions you might have :D

We hope to hear from you soon!

Soul Sanctuary Teacher Training Team